What is the difference between the Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC) rebate and the Feed In Tariff?

The STC rebate is part of the Federal Government’s Renewable Energy Target and is an upfront discount on the price of your system. The Feed In Tariff is a credit paid by your energy provider for any excess solar energy that you export back to the utility grid. Currently Ergon Energy’s Feed In Tariff of 7.8 cents per kilowatt exported.

What is the largest solar system that can be installed and still receive a Feed In Tariff?

A 39.9kW solar array with 30kW of inverter capacity is the largest solar system that can be installed in regional Queensland and still receive a Feed In Tariff.

What roof types can solar be installed on?

In North Queensland majority of roofs are tin, which is the easiest roof type to install solar on. Solar can also be installed on concrete or ceramic tiled roofs. Unfortunately it is not recommended to install solar on aluminium, asbestos or decramastic roofs.

What if I don’t have a shed or building to install the solar on?

Alpha Renewables Australia works closely with a local construction company, Next Gen Renewables, who supply a large range of ground mount solar stands. All solar stands supplied by Next Gen are certified and cyclone rated and they can also install these solar stands for you. Solar stands are a great option for irrigation pumps that have no structures in close proximity.