Why Alpha?

Alpha Renewables Australia believes in keeping it simple. 

Here at Alpha, we want to give you straightforward access to the best quality solar systems available, as fast as possible, at a fraction of the price. 

We work in partnership with reputable manufacturers who have a strong presence in Australia and refer only trusted installers who have Clean Energy Council accreditation. 

Operating online and focusing solely on selling the physical equipment allows us to minimise overheads and deliver your solar system at a much lower price. 




When it comes to solar energy, there are two main components that you are paying for in the purchase + installation process. 1. The actual physical equipment and 2. The installation service (which must be completed by a Clean Council Accredited installer)

The unique cost-saving model that Alpha has developed basically splits up these two components, selling each separately, and saving your farm or business a pretty big chunk of money by doing so. You purchase your Solar Energy Package up-front from us, we refer you to a trusted installer in your area, you pay the installer directly for his work and then we lodge your STC claim and have your reimbursement paid directly to you upon installation.